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What is Realtime Pub/Sub?

Realtime Pub/Sub is a platform that equips your applications with real-time Pub/Sub capabilities. With its simplicity and scalability, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as live chats, stock market monitors, social networks, IoT, and more.

What is Realtime Pub/Sub long-term vision?

Artistically speaking... ;)

Architecture Overview

How does the Realtime Pub/Sub platform work?

The platform leverages open protocols and advanced standards to enable real-time interactions between clients and servers. It implements a Publish/Subscribe model, ensuring immediate message distribution to subscribers of each topic.
Additionally, the platform supports Request/Response interactions, allowing clients to send requests and receive real-time responses from backend services.

What about scalability?

Realtime Pub/Sub is built on top of a scalable architecture that efficiently manages increases in connections and traffic. Through horizontal scaling strategies, we ensure seamless performance growth in response to demand, consistently maintaining service quality.

Check it by yourself:

Open WebSocket Roundtrip Latency Benchmarker

Security Measures

Realtime Pub/Sub heavily promotes the use public key digital signatures, providing not only precise access control to API endpoints but also complete control over the application's security for developers. In addition, we adhere to a rigorous privacy policy, ensuring that sensitive information, such as JWT tokens and message contents, remains confidential.

Pricing Model

Realtime Pub/Sub offers developers a range of pricing plans designed to meet their specific needs and usage patterns. Our pricing structure is based primarily on the number of concurrent connections and the amount of outgoing traffic generated by your applications.

For more information, please visit our Pricing Page.

Customer Support

The support options available depend on the plan you choose. For a detailed overview of the support features included in each plan, please visit our Pricing Page.

Underlying Technologies

The platform leverages both WebSockets and HTTP as client-facing communication protocols for seamless integration into your existing systems. It incorporates leading technologies such as Nginx, Kubernetes, Node.js, uWebSockets.js, Fast-Gateway, Restana, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services, to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

What does the r7 subdomain in the platform URLs stand for?

The r7 subdomain is a reference to realtime, which is abbreviated as r7 to shorten the URLs.


How do I integrate my existing workloads?

Adding real-time capabilities to your web application is straightforward and simple. For instructions, visit our Getting Started page.

Supported Programming Languages for Integration

Any programming language that meets these basic requirements:

  • Availability of a WebSocket client library
  • Availability of an HTTP client library

For detailed guidance, visit our Getting Started page.

Can I re-use my existing authentication system?

Yes, Realtime Pub/Sub is designed to securely benefit from existing JWT-based authentication infrastructure, allowing developers to simply define their authentication or admin public keys and verify existing JWT tokens.

For more information, please refer to our documentation page:

How can I test pre-production developments?

Developers can set up applications for each environment to facilitate testing. This approach allows for the creation of distinct environments, such as a DEV Factory Events Hub for development and a PROD Factory Events Hub for production.
Moreover, developers can tailor environment-specific configurations to these applications. For instance, utilizing HS256 algorithms could expedite the integration in DEV environments, whereas ES512 algorithms or JWKS-based integration with IDPs could offer enhanced security in PROD environments.

How can I troubleshoot issues during the integration process?

Developers can utilize our Administration Console for Telemetry and Analytics to gain insights into their applications.

Open Admin Console

Are there libraries for easier integration?

No need for specialized libraries; our goal is to ensure ease of integration. You're encouraged to use the programming languages, WebSocket, and HTTP clients you prefer!

Throughput and Performance

What is the maximum number of concurrent WebSocket connections an application can handle?

Realtime Pub/Sub allows you to scale your application as needed. The limit on the maximum number of concurrent WebSocket connections available to your account depends on the features of your selected plan.

For more details, please see:

Will traffic spikes impact my application's performance?

Realtime Pub/Sub's distributed infrastructure is designed to handle high-volume traffic efficiently, maintaining optimal throughput even amidst sudden traffic surges.

What is the maximum message size supported?

For more details, please see:
Also see: WebSocket Server Hard Limits

Does Realtime Pub/Sub handle large amount of topics and subscribers?

Yes, the architecture and infrastructure is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing the platform to efficiently handle large numbers of topics and subscribers.


Is there a free plan?

Yes, please refer to our page for more details.

Is there a limit on egress traffic for my applications?

You account plan determines the limit on egress traffic for all your applications. For more details, please refer to our page.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your account plan as needed. Plan upgrades are processed immediately, while downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.


What measures are in place to secure bi-directional communication over the internet?

Realtime Pub/Sub employs state-of-the-art TLS methods to secure communication during transit between clients and servers. API interactions are consistently authenticated using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
Additionally, administrators have the capability to whitelist CIDR masks or IP addresses to further restrict application access.

How are JWT tokens validated?

Realtime Pub/Sub authenticates WebSocket client connections by referencing the JWT configuration defined within the authKey application settings. Conversely, administrative HTTP API calls are authenticated using the adminKey application configuration.

Is it possible to use the same JWT configuration for both the "authKey" and "adminKey"?

Yes, you can use the same configuration.

Is sensitive data, such as message payloads and authentication tokens protected?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

How can I report a security vulnerability in the platform?

If you suspect a security vulnerability in our platform, we encourage you to report it to us at Our team will promptly investigate the matter and take the necessary steps to address it.


Is Realtime Pub/Sub open-source software?

No, Realtime Pub/Sub is not open-source software; it is provided as a SaaS solution, governed by our Terms of Service. However, we may consider open-sourcing certain core components and libraries in the future.

Is the free plan suitable for commercial use?

Out Free plan is designed for personal and hobby projects and may not be able to handle commercial-scale use. Please refer to our Pricing page to understand differences and limitations.

Do I need to pay for each individual subscriber?

No. Please refer to our Pricing page for plan details.

Is my account and applications data isolated from other tenants?

Yes, the platform ensures full isolation of each tenant's account in our multi-tenant infrastructure. This isolation encompasses everything from settings and configuration to application data and message routing.

Can I obtain a perpetual license?

No, Realtime Pub/Sub is offered exclusively through a subscription-based model.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

No, our pricing model is transparently and clearly described in our website. Please refer to our Pricing page for more details about your plan.

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